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Welcome to Gothic Treasures

Welcome to Gothic Treasures. We sell a wide range of Gothic jewellery and other Gothic inspired accessories and our range is always expanding. Postage for jewellery to mainland UK is free and worldwide delivery is only £2.00 regardless of the quantity of jewellery ordered, all other postage costs are displayed in your shopping cart. And with product prices starting from £1.50 you're sure to get a good deal.

Price Promise
We believe that all our products offer excellent value for money and that our prices are among the lowest you will find either on the internet or in traditional retail outlets, click here for more information.

New Products
We are now selling a range of other Gothic inspired items including: Indian boxes, incense, incense burners and ash catchers as well as pendulums and a new range of Gothic jewellery.

Coming Soon!
We will soon have several brand new ranges including a full set of Egyption zodiac symbol pendants, wooden Indian boxes in new designs and a large selection of crystal balls in many sizes. Check back soon to see our new range of pendants and other exciting Gothic items.

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Adjustable Thumb Ring (square)
Rounded Crucifix (red)
Glass Pebbles (mixed colours) 75pk
Our categories include:


A wide selection of pentacles featuring simple pentacles, Celtic pentacles as well as simple pentagrams and double pentagrams, some of the jewellery designs are inlaid with coloured resin.


A very large choice of necklaces featuring crosses from simple crucifix to Celtic and medieval crosses. Some of the jewellery features traditional designs such as ancient Celtic patterns and shapes, others are more modern with inlaid resin.


These pendants all feature skulls in various forms. There are plain skulls and skulls with Celtic and tribal designs as well as skulls in resin and ones carved from bone.


The jewellery in this section features pendants depicting skeletons and the Grim Reaper (also known as Death).


These pewter pendants all depict a coffin inlaid with resin in various designs.


There is a wide choice of Viking, medieval and fantasy jewellery in this section including swords, daggers and shields.


Our dragon section includes cute baby dragons to ferocious dragons wrapped around crosses, pentacles and skulls, some include small glass beads.


All the rings in this section are adjustable thumb rings and will fit all thumb sizes.

Misc Jewellery

A wide variety of necklaces and jewellery which does not fall in to any of the other sections. There are spiked bracelets, Egyptian Ankhs and Star of David as well as Viking and medieval pendants.